How VAR has spoiled the beautiful game


The introduction of video assistant referee (VAR) in football has been praised and criticised in equal measure but the writer thinks the new technology has spoilt the sweet emotional moments in football.

Imagine one goal being celebrated by both teams, one which scores then the other celebrate it being overturned by video assistant referee.

The introduction of video assistant referee in football was at the FIFA world cup under 20 tournament in 2017 when fans hugely criticised decisions made by the VAR since by then there was no screen at the side of the pitch to be reviewed by the infield referee. The decision then by VAR was final however controversial it was.

The recent occurrences in LaLiga, Premier League and Champions League makes the writer think this technology should be abandoned. Manchester City were denied an opportunity to take part in the champions league final when VAR ruled out their last minute goal against Tottenham. Fans, players and the technical bench had celebrated knowing very well there was no way Spurs could get another goal but minutes later it was Spurs fans celebrating, Imagine the turn of events in just few minutes.

Real Madrid were beaten 4-1 by Ajax but there was a goal scored after the ball was retrieved out of play, the goal was superb and after the ball was retrieved out of play, it took some time for a goal to be scored. Imagine if the VAR ruled out that beautiful goal by the fact that it was out of play, the decision could be correct but at a wrong time.

Sometimes controversies make football entertaining provided it does not hugely favour one team.

Gabriel Jesus thought he gave Man City 3 points against Spurs when he scored a late winner, City fans celebrated but later on VAR came in and yo know what that mean, goal overruled.

VAR should be used in checking red cards, clear off-sides among others but when it comes to a 20mm offside the a goal is overruled, It need to be revisited. An offside that is so tight should be let go as per opinion of the writer.


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